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A Familiar scene at the Hithercroft in the 90's. Goal-Scoring Legend Steve Wood celebrating another goal! Over 174 Goals for Wallingford in over 236 games upto 2004 after joining in 1983 and who is still playing for Wallingford in 2014/15!

A Familiar scene at the Hithercroft in the 90’s. Goal-Scoring Legend Steve Wood celebrating another goal while a dejected goalkeeper sobs into his gloves. Over 174 Goals for Wallingford in over 236 games upto 2004 after joining in 1983 Steve is still playing for Wallingford in 2014/15!

From the North Berks Herald, July 14th 1923:
New Football Club: Wallingford Sports Committee has decided to form a new football club to play at the Bull Croft during the coming season. The Mayor, Ald G. Peak, presided over an animated discussion on the doings of the Athletic Club last season. Mr E. T. W. Davis proposed that a new organisation, to be called the new Wallingford Town Football Club, be started, and that the best possible terms be arranged to play at the Bull Croft. He supposed the Athletic Club would now die a natural death. Mr J. J. Hall, who said he had formed a football club in Wallingford 42 years ago, seconded the proposal.

As well as the commitment made by the players; hours of hard work go on ‘behind the scenes’ to run a local Football Club. This site has been created to remember in detail the History of Football in Wallingford and to honour the work done by the hard working volunteers of Wallingford’s Football Clubs  as well as displaying some of the other clubs programme work.

Date Anyone?

Date Anyone?

If any football club does not wish for their work to be shown please use the contact form.

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19th January 1948

19th January 1948

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Colin Woodley
Please reply in ‘A Detailed History’ section

I represent a small group researching early Queen’s Park Rangers history. One of the earliest newspaper reports so far found relates to the following:-
Oxford Journal Saturday 27th April 1889.
‘A match was played in the Croft on Easter Monday between the Wallingford Football Club and the Queen’s Park Rangers ,London, resulting in a draw, two goals each being obtained.’
I am assuming this was an early team representing Wallingford although it pre-dates your historical timeline above. Would anybody have records relating to this period that may expand the report? Thanks

Chris Allum

Well done Steve, a great idea and I am looking forward to seeing the information grow on the site. Thanks also for the tribute to my dad. Keep up the good work!

Yus Rayif

How refreshing to have a site created based on my home town of Wallingford and to have it focussed on such an important part of its history, AFC Wallingford, makes it all the more readable. Hat off to the author of this well written site. They certainly demonstrate a great knowledge of this great town so im guessing they are a local and certainly a huge fan, or even part of the club itself.


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