0001prog2000/01 AFC Wallingford Officers & Committee

President: K. Lester Esq

Vice Presidents: Mr R.P. Calloway, Mr. G. Walker

Life Members: Mr. Albert Miles, Mr. Alan Brannan, Mr. Larry Hill

Chairman: Mr. Lindsay Townsend

Vice Chairman: Mr. John Ham

Hon Secretary: Mr. Eddie Gniadek

Treasurer: Mr. John Ham

Match Secretary: Mr. Geoff Lee

Commercial Manager: Mrs. Heather Woollard

1st Team Manager: Mr. Dave Crowdy

1st Team assistant Manager: Andy Shildrick

Programme Editor: Mr. Andy Ham

Minutes: Mr. Richard May

Club Physio: Mr. Colin Dolton / Ian Phillips

Groundsmen: Mr. Charlie Allum & Mr. T. Aldridge

Committee Members: Mr. C. Allum, Mrs. Sheila Antonowicz, Mr. Iain Darby, Mr. Gary Elkins, Mr. R. Edney, Mr. Roy Eltham, Mr. Colin Dolton, Mr. Mark Hoskins, Mr. Richard May, Mr. Steven Sherwood, Mr. Gerry O’Garr, Mr. Graham Woollard, Mrs. Heather Woollard, Mr. John Ham, Mr. Geoff Lee, Mr. Andy Ham, Mr. A Crowdy

Programme Sponsors this season were:

  • Supafresh
  • Wallingford Sports
  • Didcot Plant
  • The Beijing Diner
  • B.J Barkwell & Sons
  • Anokhi
  • Bridge Villa
  • Smarts
  • Albry
  • Rowse Honey
  • J.R Geeson
  • Frank H. Jenkins Ltd
  • Grundon
  • Lesters
  • G.A Electrical
  • Thomas Merrifield
  • Gurneys Of Benson

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