12/13 Results

Sat01/09 Crowmarsh Gifford Home LOST 1-4 J Newport D1
Sat08/09 Sutton Courtnay Away WON 3-4 M Littleworth,
C Mattimore,
J Purdue,
A Stanila
Sat15/09 Faringdon Town Home WON 3-1 J Newport x2
A Searle(s)
Sat22/09 Didcot Casuals Away LOST5-0 D1
Sat29/09 ? ? ? M Littleworth x2
C Mattimore x2
Sat06/10 Turnpike Sports Home WON4-2 R Knight
C Mattimore
C Tonna x2
North Berks Cup
Sat13/10 East Hendred Home WON7-0 ? ? B&B Intermediate
Sat20/10 Childrey Utd Home WON 2-1 C Tonna
Sat27/10 East Hendred Home WON 6-1 C Grosu x2
A Searle
C Tonna
E Westwoodx2(S)
Charity Shield Rd 1
Sat03/11 Long Wittenham Ath Home DREW 2-2 C Grosu
E Westwood
Sat10/11 Wootton & Dry Sandford Home LOST 0-1 D1
Sat17/11 Letcombe Home LOST 1-3 ? ? B&B Int
Sat01/12 Long Wittenham Ath Away LOST 2-1 A Searle J Gesner
C Tonna
C Driscoll(s)
North Berks Cup Rd 3
Sat08/12 Didcot Casuals Home LOST 1-3 A Searle D1
Sat12/01 Blewbury Away WON 2-4 R Knight
A Searle x2
C Tonna
Charity Shield Rd 2
Sat02/02 Kintbury Rangers Away LOST 2-0 N Larking D1
Sat09/02 Westminster Away WON 2-3 Penalties(0-0 AET) ? ? Charity Shield QF
Sat16/02 Wootton & Dry Sandford Away DREW 0-0 R Knight
C Tonna
Sat23/02 Saxton Rovers Home LOST 0-1 D1
Tue26/03 Wootton & DS Abingdon Utd WON 2-3 N Larking
C Tonna
E Westwood
D Marks
A Stanila
Charity Shield SF
Sat30/03 East Hendred Home WON 1-0 A Stanila D1
Tue 02/04 Berinsfield Home LOST 0-5 E Westwood D1
Sat 06/04 Childrey Utd Away DREW 1-1 A Searle D1
Wed 10/04 Long Wittenham Ath Away WON 3-4 C Mattimore
C Orr
Ashley Searle x2
Sat 13/04 Harwell Int Away LOST 2-1 A Searle C Orr D1
Wed 17/04 Berinsfield Away Drew 1-1 Z Gallagher Z Gallagher D1
Sat 20/04 Saxton Rovers Away LOST 2-0 C orr D1
Wed24/04 East Hendred Away WON 2-4 Z Gallagher
E Westwood x2
M Ball (s)
C Tonna D1
Sat27/04 Berinsfield Abingdon Town LOST 0-1 Charity Shield Final
Tue30/04 Harwell Int Home WON 4-1 Z Gallagher
R Knight
A Searle
&1x OG
Sat04/05 Kintbury Rangers Home Drew 3-3 A Searle x2
E Westwood
Wed08/05 Crowmarsh Gifford Away LOST 5-2 N Larking
A Searle
C Orr D1
Sat 11/05 Sutton Courtnay Home WON 5-1 M Fellows
M Gallagher
A Searle x3
Sat 18/05 Faringdon Town Away DREW 2-2 M Fellows
A Searle

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