1973/74 Wallingford Town FC Officers & Committee

President: Mr J. Pink, Wallingford

Vice Presidents:
D.K. Arnel, Wallingford
G. Austin, Wallingford
J.L. Cain, Benson
A.B. Crudgington, Cholsey
C. Durham, Brightwell
T.D. Grandison, Wallingford
H.S. Hoddinott, Wallingford
R.H. Horncastle, Moulsford
C.B. Low, Wallingford
J.L. Marcham, Wallingford
A.W. Nash, Wallingford
H. Nott, Wallingford
C. Soden, Wallingford
E.W. Tappin, Wallingford
T.F. Tilly, Wallingford
R.H. Tomplin, Brightwell
E.L. Townsend, Crowmarsh
C.A. Wilder, Wallingford
A.W. Woolley, Wallingford
Jim Bosley,  Wallingford

Chairman: Mr A. Miles, Wallingford

Vice Chairman: P. Honeybone, Wallingford

Hon. Secretary: P.L. Baber, Wallingford

Assistant Hon. Secretary: D.A. Giles, Wallingford

Hon.Treasurer: S.D. Ansell,  Wallingford

Assistant Hon.Treasurer: Mrs A. Brannan, Wallingford

Club Manager: P. Selby, Drayton

Assistant Manager: D. Steet, Blewbury

Coach: A. Brannan, Wallingford, until 24th September 1973, then
             Ray Butler, Abingdon

General Committee:
R. Bindon, Cholsey
B. Doe, Wallingford
A. Knight, Wallingford
L. Lee, Wallingford
J. Low, Wallingford
A. Oakes, Wallingford
B. Wells, Wallingford
S. Wetherall, Wallingford
J. Whitehorn, Wallingford
L. Atkins, Wallingford
J. Robinson,  Wallingford
A. Brannan, Wallingford (co-opted to committee on 1st October 1973)
P.N. Clifford, Wallingford (co-opted to committee on 8th October 1973)

Medical Officer/Attendant: Mr L. Footit, Wallingford

Assistant Medical Officer: I. Williamson, Cholsey

Auditor: Mr D.K. Arnel, (Until 13th August 1973) Wallingford

Life Members:
W.O. Thomas, Wallingford
E.J. Wells, Brightwell
D.E. Walden, Headington
P.C. Smith, Brightwell
H.S. Walden, Wallingford
Mrs A.E. Walden, Wallingford
W.A. Butcher, Ipsden

Players registered for the Hellenic League 1973/74:
L.J. Bindon, Blewbury
E.P. Brant, Wallingford
K. Bush, Cowley
C.J. Franklin, Wallingford
B.M. Griffiths, Didcot
D.P. Hastings, Steventon
P.L. Hudson, Benson
A.P. King, Harwell
B.P. Kirk, Wallingford
A. Long, Long Hanborough
K.R. McKee, R.A.F. Benson
G. Mulford, Steventon
P.W. Robinson, Headington
A.G. Stacey, Wallingford
D.M. Street, Blewbury
P.W. Talbot, Headington
E.L. Townsend, Crowmarsh
P.D. Walden, Oxford
P.R. Webb, Chilton
P.J. Selby, Drayton
D. Shorter, Wallingford
A. Brannan, Wallingford
R.W. Butler, Abingdon
G. Lee, Wallingford
W.A Morris, Wallingford
C. Allum, Wallingford
P.R. Lee, South Stoke
R.J. Saunders, Blewbury
G.W. Talbot, Wallingford
I. Williamson, Cholsey
I.A. Bell, Wallingford
D.J. Miles, Wallingford
A.G. Oakes, Wallingford
C.A. Rusher, Wallingford
R.W.A. Hepburn, R.A.F Benson
R. McCarthy, Wallingford
B.P. Williams, R.A.F. Benson
P. Ball, Abingdon
P. Barry, Abingdon
E. Gniadek, Benson
G.F. Bell, Wantage
J. Newton-Mold, Charlgrove
T. Barker, Wallingford
R.B. Parkinson
T.R. Jones, Cholsey
M.W. Cox, Didcot
T.E. Eales, Radley
R.C. Tabor, Botley
P.C. Curtis, Oxford
Paul Selby, Drayton
A. Gibbons, Sandford-on-Thames


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